I’ve been trying to draw up some plans for building a lamp for my nightstand for quite a while, but couldn’t quite come up with something that looks reasonably sleep while still being able to actually build it with the tools at my disposal.

Finally I came up with a design that  seemed workable. Some things went well on this project, but others did not go as hoped…

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Home Network Challenge Part 3

Segmenting the network by setting up VLANs, and

  • setting up VLANs on a Dell PowerConnect 2816 switch,
  • configuration of multiple SSIDs/WiFi networks in Ubiquiti Unifi,
  • telling pfSense how to handle the configured VLANs and
  • finally, moving clients onto the respective VLANs/WiFi networks. — That’s when the real fun started…

Final Outcome

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Home Network Challenge, Part1

Not woodworking, for a change:

We have recently switched to an ISP that rolled out gigabit fiber in our neighborhood. While I really like their service and the fact that they have no bandwidth cap, having no visibility in what is going on on the connection makes me uneasy, particularly since a roll-call in our household yielded a total of thirty things that have an IP address. And some of these things I don’t really trust… Continue reading Home Network Challenge, Part1