Quarks Finishing: Spray Painting

The anti-climactic spray paint finale.

Today is  a sunny day and I have a few hours to kill. Also, the primer has been on for 24 hours, which is the officially recommended recoat time. So out comes the mini spray tent again to finish things up.

Having done the priming apparently paid off because I got a pretty good finish on the speaker cabinets with only two coats. The baffles I coated three times, and there is one spot on one baffle where I again sanded through the glue seal, so it soaked up a lot more paint.

Overall I am pretty pleased with the result, tho:

The cabinets turned out really shiny and after about two hours I couldn’t resist but try to touch the underside of one cabinet. It feels very smooth, almost like glass, and that is without any sanding (which I am not planning to do).

Here is the baffle with the slightly messed-up corner. I decided to not do another coat of paint, but either live with it or use a sharpie and black nail polish as a backup plan…

The final step in this build is to assemble everything. I have a plan for glueing on the baffle last that involves masking tape to catch any squeeze-out glue. We’ll see how well that goes.

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