Modular Voxel: First Glue-Up

While I was happy to get the side pieces of the main cabinet for the modular Voxel cut last weekend, I couldn’t glue anything together. First, my shipment with the port tubes had not yet arrived, and I wanted to test-fit the port tubes in the holes I cut, because I figured enlarging the holes would be easier before a glue-up (also, what if I made the holes too big…?).

Another issue was that it turned out to be surprisingly difficult to properly line up the pieces with the clamps that I had, which leads us to ceci’s Laws Of Clamping:

  • There is no such thing as having too many clamps.
  • If you have N clamps, your next project will almost certainly require at least N+1 clamps.
  • In case you have enough clamps for your next project, the clamps will either be too small and won’t reach, too big and won’t fit or be of the wrong kind.

So I ended up splurging once more and thanks to the miracle of Amazon Prime I got these. Kinda pricey but they will also come in handy for other projects that I have in the pipeline.

The shipment with the port tubes came in yesterday as well, so i could do some test fitting: The port tubes fit snugly, so everything looks good, so let’s go ahead and do some dry-clamping without any glue:

Looks reasonable, so time to spread some non-expanding Titebond. Also while the right-angle clamps are handy in keeping all the pieces in place, they don’t actually put pressure on the glue-joint, so we add another clamp for that. — And then we want to make sure things line up nicely at the top as well, and there go two more clamps and two more right angles. — So after tightening all the clamps and wiping off some excess glue with a damp cloth, we get this:

Of course, only the two joints in the front were actually glued, because in accordance with ceci’s Laws of Clamping I had just run out of suitable clamps.

So this is what is sitting in my garage right now.

And in other news: The Quarks kit to go with the Voxel has shipped…


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