Voxel: Plate Amplifier Enclosure

Trying to keep things simple with the plate amplifier enclosure.

The plate amplifier usually goes into the back of the subwoofer cabinet. But since this would require a change in the subwoofer design, I decided to build a separate small enclosure for the plate amplifier. This also gives me some more flexibility in where to put things (and two smaller boxes work better in my case than a single larger one).

I found some scrap piece of hardwood trim in my garage that is 1 1/2″ wide and 3/4″ thick and about 35″ long. I bought¬†this 70W plate amplifier¬†when it was on sale about a month ago, and the web site also gives you a cutout size for the plate amplifier.

I used this as a a starting point to build a frame for the plate amplifier by cutting the trim using the world’s wobbliest miter saw. (Tip: spend more than USD 20 on your miter saw).

Then, I took the plate amplifier, and screwed one of the pieces of that frame that I just cut onto the plate amplifier, using its mounting holes. I worked my way around the plate amplifier, making sure things are square and screwing the pieces of the frame together as I went along. I started with the top piece, then the right hand side and the bottom piece. When Installing the remaining right hand piece, it turns out that the plate amplifier is actually slightly smaller than the cutout size specified on the web site, so I had to flush-trim the top and bottom pieces of the frame with a hand saw.

Also, I cut two pieces of plywood. The idea is that these two pieces form the left and right hand side of the enclosure. they will eventually get glued to the left and right hand side of the frame I just built. Top, front and back size of the plate amplifier enclosure will be made speaker grilles. — I bought some speaker grill cloth and 1/2″ dowel rods for that already.

Here is what I currently have. — The frame and the two side pieces. Note that the screw heads are on the top and the bottom of the frame, so there is no need for these screws to be perfectly flush, since the frame will be mounted between the left and right plywood sides:


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